In today’s work environment, the engineering within organizations and the flattening of organizational structures are common occurences. Downsizing, mergers and acquisitions are a reality. The result is an ever-increasing demand on employees to learn new ways of working together more efficiently and effectively. Today, an organization’s survival is dependent upon empowering employees with the necessary skills to work together as a highly proficient, flexible and cohesive team. The Building Effective Teams™ program teaches these vital skills.

Building Effective Teams™

Identifying Personal Strengths

Building Effective Teams™ teaches employees how to use:
Cattell’s Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire®, from which a Personal Career Development Profile and an Individualized Stress Management Program can be generated to identify personal strengths

  1. Problem Solving Styles
  2. Coping Skills
  3. Interacting with Others
  4. Leadership Potential

Encouraging Effective Communication

Building Effective Teams™ teaches employees how to use:
Collaborative Team Skills™, a highly acclaimed team building program developed by Interpersonal Communications Program, Inc. to encourage effective communication.

  1. Listening to Self
  2. Listening to Others
  3. Resolving Conflicts
  4. Making Comittments

Cultivating Winning Attitudes

Building Effective Teams™ teaches employees how to use:
Seven Steps to a Happy Face™, a systematic conflict resolution program developed by Dr. George Ross to cultivate winning attitudes.

  1. Thinking for Success
  2. Visualizing Outcomes
  3. Habits for Success
  4. Staying Focused

Improving Group Effectivenesss

Building Effective Teams™ teaches employees how to use:
Efficacy and Efficiency of Groups™, a program developed by Dr. Ross to improve group effectiveness.

  1. Assessing Needs
  2. Utilizing Resources
  3. Implementing Plans
  4. Acheiving Goals

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